Working   With   Sub   Master   Franchisees   To   Maximize   Their   Potential

Initial Training

Smoothie Factory provides extensive training programs for our sub master franchise partners. For each market we enter, we provide a three week training program that covers all aspects of store operations. This training is performed within each market in order to reach and train more team members and reduce initial costs.

The first week is dedicated towards reviewing the Operations Manual and is a classroom style setting while the second and third week of training is dedicated to store setup and post opening training. The training includes classes on smoothies, juices, yogurt, product knowledge, guest service, and retail skills, plus several three-hour workshops called “knowing Your Products”. Team members are trained in using the cash register, merchandising, and cleanliness. Additional sessions cover how to maintain and clean equipment, explaining nutritional boost formulas to guests, taking personal responsibility for store cleanliness, and much more.

In addition, we provide an additional two weeks of training dedicated towards sales process and sub-franchising. These two weeks are scheduled at your convenience once you are ready and comfortable to start growing the brand through sub-franchising.

Real Estate & Construction

Site selection is critical to the potential success of a new Smoothie Factory® store. The Smoothie Factory® Development Team works with franchisees to review our standard site criteria and market trade areas for possible development of Smoothie Factory® stores. In addition, we work with your group to negotiate key terms of your lease agreement which help to ensure continuity and a more profitable business.

As a sub master franchisee, you will have access to our experience and contacts from day one. We will work with either your architect or ours to develop the initial Smoothie Factory store specific to your market and regulations. We collaborate together throughout the design phase to ensure that each Smoothie Factory store conveys the right image and character. Once the architectural drawings have been completed, we will work with your group and the selected contractor to complete the build-out of the store as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimize expenses.

Product Development

Product development is a very exciting part of Smoothie Factory. Formulating recipes with quality ingredients that are not only delicious but healthy is our passion. In addition, we develop many menu items specific to individual markets based on ingredients available, food costs, demand, and local tastes.

For example, Smoothie Factory stores throughout the world blend up global favorites like our signature Strawberry Patch and Tropical Squeeze but we localize certain smoothie such as our Mango Passion Fruit in Vietnam, Green Tea Chia in China, and Pomegranate Berry in Pakistan. Every menu item offered is reviewed for its nutritional qualities and we have a large variety to meet almost any guests’ tastes.

Ongoing Support

Our ongoing support sets Smoothie Factory apart from other brands. Our support team helps sub master franchisees track key performance indicators, solve operational challenges, and boost performance. In addition, we constantly collaborate on new product offerings that will be best received in each market.

When a sub master franchisee is getting started, after the first location is opened, they can expect to hear from our support team every week for two to three months — enough time for our sub master franchisees to adjust to managing the first store. Once our sub master franchisees hit their stride, the support team stays in touch every 30-45 days at a minimum — and sub master franchisees can always reach out for help at any time. Additionally, we work with franchisees in the first quarter of each year to revisit their menu and business plan.


Since 1996, Smoothie Factory and its franchise partners have built the brand smoothie-by-smoothie, guest-by-guest, and enjoys the word of mouth appeal of ourstores. Our organized and unique marketing approach brings awareness to the Smoothie Factory brand, drives new guests to our counters, and help keep regular guests coming back for more.

Limited Time Offers : Smoothie Factory develops new smoothie and juice promotions every quarter to support our franchise community and keep things fresh and exciting for our guests. When a particular promotion is very well received, it is considered for permanent placement on our menu. In this way, we keep up with the latest trends and our guests judge whether or not the promotion should stay ongoing.

Loyalty Program : The Smoothie Factory Loyalty program is a digital format that allows guests to receive points based on store purchases. Guests can view their account, reward program, and points online as well as receive promotional e-mails and SMS messages with special offers and discounts to help drive traffic. The program also allows our store owners to determine which guests haven’t visited in a while allowing them to push out special promotions to help bring the guest back in more frequently.

Direct Mail : Smoothie Factory works with our vendors and suppliers to contribute rebate rupees to our franchise community’s marketing fund. In this way, we are often able to offset expenses by up to 50% or simply double up on the amount of advertising. One of the best medians for this partnership is through direct mail wherein we target the post code of each store location.

Guest Relations : Guest service is an overall philosophy with one purpose in mind – creating a positive experience for our guests. When a guest is not happy with our product, service, or experience, we ask guests to contact us by e-mail or phone so we can make it right and learn from our mistakes. Every complaint is personally handled by an officer of the company and then followed up at the store level.