10   Steps   to   Becoming   a   Sub   Master   Franchise

The Smoothie Factory application process involves successfully completing the following ten steps:

Step One : Complete the Short Online Application.

Step Two : You will receive an email from our development team with the Smoothie Factory Profile Document, Key Terms for your selected market, and a link to complete your online application.

Step Three : We receive your application.

Step Four : We contact you for an initial phone conference.

Step Five : If successful, we issue a Market Survey Form.

Step Six : If the information on the Market Survey Form supports the success of the development of Smoothie Factory within your selected market, we provide you a draft copy of the Sub Master Franchise Agreement.

Step Seven : We then issue you with our Letter of Intent which expresses our mutual desire to continue the due diligence process and holds your selected market for a period of 45 days.

Step Eight : We will invite you to our Corporate Offices located in Mumbai to meet face to face for a two-day Discovery Day Visit.

Step Nine : Sign your Sub Master Franchise Agreement.

Step Ten : Work together to begin development of Smoothie Factory in your selected market!